Ice Face Massagers

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Our CHOK BEAUTY Ice Face Massagers have been developed to depuff and awaken your skin. The extreme cold temperature of these powerful massagers drastically help to firm, tighten, reduce inflammation, enhance dead skin cell exfoliation and strengthen skin.

These cool skincare tools are the latest trend in facial devices, and a favourite of celebs. These hand-held gadgets gently roll over the skin for a cooling effect that calms the skin and increases circulation. All of this without the slippery, frostbitten fingers you'd get from rubbing on ice cubes directly. Let them sit in the freezer overnight, and voilà! 

Ice therapy is known for rejuvenation, targeting pain and inflammation at zero temps. Our ice massagers are great to use after having lip augmentation too! 


💗 LESS PUFFINESS & LIFTED EFFECT: Use first thing in the morning after completing your morning skincare.

💗 A MORE DEFINED JAW LINE: Massage your whole face, neck, chest and jaw.

💗 DEPUFFED EYES: The depuffing benefits are so major.

💗 SMALLER LOOKING PORES: It shrinks pores, temporarily! The cold temperature activates shrinkage, making pores look much less noticeable.

💗 LONG TERM BENEFITS: With daily use you’ll likely see that your skin is firmer, less red and breaking out less.

💗 LIP FILLERS AND NON-SURGICAL PROCEDURES:  They work amazing to help ease swelling, itching , bruising, and any other pain.

    HOW TO

    TO USE:

    1. Store your ice massagers in the fridge overnight to maximize the "cold spoon" effect.

    2. Apply moisturiser or serum over your face and roll your massagers inwards and outwards.

    3. Repeat this move up and outward motion on the forehead and chin areas to depuff.

    4. To target the eye area, close your eyes and cover your eyelids for 7-10 seconds to depuff.




    After use, clean with a microfiber cloth to prevent the spreading of any bacteria onto your skin.


    Our PREMIUM packaging has been aligned to the Sustainable Packaging Initiative by reducing the use of plastic and other polymers. Our giftable box is 100% recyclable and recycled carton to promote our 3Rs Sustainable Policy: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.



    We at CHOK BEAUTY stand behind our products with our 30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, please CONTACT US immediately.



    • 2x Ice Face Massagers
    • 1x Storage Case
    • 1x Instruction Manual

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    Work really well

    These come beautifully presented in a lovely box. Would make such a nice gift. The box is gorgeous. These actually work a lot better than I expected. Really reduces the puffiness that I get around my eyes. Good price too, highly recommend.

    Willow G.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Nice and refreshing

    I'm not one for sticking salad to my face so these are a nice alternative to cucumber slices. They come in a lovely presentation box, so would make a nice gift. You can pop them in the freezer or in the fridge. I prefer the freezer. Then gently roll on your eyes. I've noticed an improvement in the puffiness straight away, so these are definitely a winner for me. If you suffer with puffy under eyes then give these a go.

    Nadia M.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Effective but Expensive Face Massage Rollers

    It may come as a surprise to some that these Cryo face massage rollers are actually very effective, they do take a little getting used to, and there's a certain technique to get the best out of them, but they do work really well. The two rollers arrive packaged inside their plastic storage container within a nice light pink presentation box, which makes them a lovely gift idea. The overall quality is great, but at the time of ordering, a price of £59.00 made them more than just a little bit expensive, however, the current price of £39.99 may still seem a little high, but at least it's a more sensible figure if you are considering a purchase.

    Chloe B.
    Denmark Denmark

    I cannot recommend these enough!! First of all, the quality is brilliant. They’re heavy and the handles are a good size and quality - especially as they don’t get really cold so you can hold them easily instead of freezing your hands. The metal globes are brilliant. Just roll them over your face and the relaxation begins. Perfect for if you have a headache. I use them nightly after applying serum as it reduces puffiness under your eyes. Highly recommend

    sarah k.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Helped reduced the puffiness under my eyes

    I like them in the freezer and take out wait a few minutes so there not to cool for use and you can have bowl of ice to put them in as well . There filled with a liquid that freezes and stainless steel outer part, so very safe to use as there not glass like some I have seen , also with lovely pink Handles , so very girly so I love the look of them . I have always wanted to try this as I have very puffy eye area that bit above cheek bone And dark circles on inner bit under my eye. these are supposed to help reduce puffiness and help with dark circles and also helps with lymphatic drainage of all toxins your face skin. I used these for a for over a week every morning and honestly it really helped with the puffiness after around 3 days I noticed a big reduction as they was very puffy and at first they felt a bit tender going over the puffy area because of how bad they was, within 3 days it’ reduced it I didn’t feel anymore tenderness after that , it’s like it cleared it all out and they looked a lot better . I use a facial oil or oil cleanser as you need something they can guide over as you do this gently you don’t tug or be ruff or it’s bit as enjoyable or relaxing . it definitely wakes me up fully I feel very fresh and re vitalised after I use them Also my skin feel firmer because it stimulates the skin it feels firm And helps your skin care to absorb better . I also tried them do a lymphatic drainage massage at night listening to relaxing music, was so nice and relaxing . I felt like I had a spar treatment at home . I love these and will definitely use these a lot. I would say if you have bad puffiness under the eyes this definitely helped me I have put up a photo of my eye are now , but I was shocked at the difference as I didn’t expect it work as well as it has , but you need need to use regular to get the results and maintain them . I really enjoy these and it’s now something I do every morning . In the box full guide on how to use use them . They are on the pricey side but I feel there worth it because they will last a very long time and I can say I have seen improvements on my Eye and check bone areas and skin does feel refreshed after use . These would make a nice gift for a loved be who loves skin care or a treat for yourself . I really enjoyed them and they feel well made and definitely did for me what I expected. Overall I’m very happy with them and feel so happy I got to get these, and I can say I enjoyed it a lot. Lovely product ..

    CHOKBeauty Ice Face Massagers ReviewCHOKBeauty Ice Face Massagers ReviewCHOKBeauty Ice Face Massagers ReviewCHOKBeauty Ice Face Massagers ReviewCHOKBeauty Ice Face Massagers Review
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Great for the face, a bit expensive

    These ice face massagers come nicely boxed for storing in the refrigerator. The first couple of days, I just kept them in my bathroom and when I used them on my face in the mornings, they were very cold. I have since been keeping them in the refrigerator and they are even more soothingly cold. I roll them over my face and let them sit on my closed eyes for a few seconds after a long day of computer work and they refresh and relieve my eyes so well. Using the in the morning and evening is really relaxing. I find the product itself to be of very good quality and would have given it 5 stars had I not found other very similar products that cost £10-15 less. This product is a little bit overpriced and that has cost the loss of one star.

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