3-Step Routine for warmer days

London, United Kingdom. 


   By Ellie-Mae Cooper



Hey guys, welcome to the next episode! Times flying, aye?

So, on this episode I’m going to be talking about how much my loved Radiance Glow set do for me during warmer days. This is amazing!

We all know summer is literally around the corner, who’s ready? I’m totallyyyy ready to be tanning all day - everyday!

After I’ve been sitting in the sun all day, getting in the shower then doing my skincare is the best feeling, glowy tanned skin is the best! Make sure you’re using SPF though, that’s important!

Everyone knows sleeping in the heat can really take a toll on your skin, you wake up all puffy and hot. Rose quartz massagers are PERFECT for problems like this. Get yours, put them in the fridge or freezer overnight and you’re good to go.




My routine for the summer? Get your popcorn ready.. this is a long one.

I get in the shower, wash my body, hop out and then moisture with some after sun. For my face, I use my Ionic Skin Perfector with my favourite face wash (make sure it’s good for sensitive skin). Then I use my Berry Plum serum, you can get it exclusively from the Radiance Glow Set... then use my cold Rose Quartz Massager on top of that! It’s the perfect 3-step routine totally worth the end result.

How do you do your skincare in the summer? Let me know below in the comments and please don't forget to catch up with our socials.

See you next time,

Ellie x


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