Acne Pimple Super Patches



Get rid of your spots quick and easy!

Super cute alternative to those ugly chemical products that dry your skin!

Our Patches are made with the highest quality hydrocolloid, a fluid absorbing agent that draws out pus and other impurities from your pimple.

Each cute patch is an overnight fixer for blackheads, pustules and papules, as they break the bacteria inside the spot to speed up healing.

If you are looking to achieve clear, acne-free skin overnight our super cute patches are a great alternative to those ugly chemical products that dry your skin! The medical grade hydrocolloid helps to prevent scarring too.

They are great to show off your imperfections, 💗 LOVE YOUR SKIN.

Perfectly shaped to grip the contours of the face, our cute hearts are designed to really stick, they shield spots from invasive bacteria, which helps them heal faster.

    HOW TO



    1. Remove your Makeup
    2. Deep cleanse your face
    3. Get a Super Patch
    4. Place your Super Patch over your pimple
    5. Leave your Super Patch overnight
    6. Remove and extract 



    Our PREMIUM packaging has been aligned to the Sustainable Packaging Initiative, the transparent box is 100% recyclable to promote our 3Rs Sustainable Policy: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.



    • 100% hydrocolloid


    • 24 💗 Heart shaped hydrocolloid patches

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    These acne patches really work

    I was very sceptical of these but delighted to find that they actually work really well. I have single breakouts a few times a week and I have applied these several times on new spots that have appeared. The patch seems to **** any inflammation and the spots go away more quickly. The spots are totally flat when I take the patch off. LOVE THESE!!!

    catriona b.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    these are amazing, looks very cute, and stops from picking at spots etc.

    Sarah S.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Helps reduce redness of spots

    These are perfect to wear on your spots over night, they really help to reduce redness.

    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Much better than other brands I've used

    I have used several different brands of pimple patches before but I've never had one that was not just plain, simple and transparent. I love pink and cute things and I like to incorporate it into my skincare as well so I decided to give this product a try. Obviously because I have tried several pimple patches, I was holding this up to a higher standard. Before I tried this pimple patch, the best one that I've tried was COSRX's pimple master patches, however my opinion has now changed! These are very useful - I did not have any whiteheads to try them out on but because of the cute design, I wanted to try them out ASAP so I put some on my nose to get rid of some blackheads. This was something that I hadn't done with previous brands as they did not work on my nose. However, luckily, these pimple patches did the job perfectly! They're designed to be put on whiteheads so I had to use several on my nose but this is not a flaw of the product. I left them on overnight and I woke up with a much clearer and smoother nose. Now we just have to see how long I can maintain it for as my skin is prone to blackheads. I'm glad that I got this pimple patches as they're like a little ray of sunshine during breakouts because of the heart design (yes, I've mentioned this before but I'm such a fan of the design)! I highly recommend this product to anyone!

    Ale M.
    Denmark Denmark

    Omg! I have to confess I didn’t expect much of these as I have already seen them on vids before. I decided to buy it as I already have a Skin Perfector and the Makeup Head Band, but these buddies!? Wow! I am extremely impressed. I had bad acne a while ago and sometimes I get these really painful pimples and the Pimple Patches have done the trick. I am totally obsessed with them!

    CHOKBeauty Acne Pimple Super Patches Review
    Cynthia W.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    Work amazing

    They work amazing and look so cute. Definitely recommended.

    CHOKBeauty Acne Pimple Super Patches Review

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