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The Ionic Skin Perfector is a one of a kind beauty tool designed to complement skincare routines through ultra-infusing skincare products, while deep cleansing and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This 3-in-1 beauty tool offers simplicity for day and night-time routines cleansing up to 7 times more effectively than hands and helping to absorb 98% of skincare products in just 2 minutes.

The unique Ionic Thermo-Infusion technology of the Skin Perfector stimulates the absorption of skin care products by opening the pores and reaching the lower layers of the skin in just 2 minutes. 

But that’s not all. The Ionic Skin Perfector boasts a number of advanced tech features such as:

  • Light Therapy that penetrates deep into the pores soothing acne and smoothing out fine lines
  • EMS Micro Current that trims and tones muscles for healthier and younger looking skin
  • Nano Sonic vibration that enhance the skin’s service by removing the impurities and blocked pores
  • The Ionic Skin Perfector is waterproof and rechargeable, delivering 500 uses per full charge.



1. MELT AWAY MAKE UP: Its Thermo-Frequency technology melt the makeup particles for easier removal.

2.DOUBLE CLEANSE: The vibrating bristles made of carbon silicone deeply remove dirt, makeup residues and excess sebum from your skin without drying it out completely.

3. ULTRA INFUSE: The Thermo-Frequency open the pores boosting absorption of masks and serums, reaching lower layers of the skin. The micro impulses trim and tone the muscles like a simple face workout

4. BOOST COLLAGEN PRODUCTION: The Light Therapy boosts a healthier and younger looking skin.




The Ionic Skin Perfector is waterproof. Recommended to wash thoroughly with regular soap once a week.



Our PREMIUM packaging has been aligned to the Sustainable Packaging Initiative by reducing the use of plastic and other polymers. Our giftable box is 100% recyclable and recycled carton to promote our 3Rs Sustainable Policy: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.



We at CHOK BEAUTY stand behind our products with our 60 Days Satisfaction Guarantee and 10 Years Warranty. If you are not 100% satisfied, please CONTACT US immediately.



  • 1x Ionic Skin Perfector
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 1 Instruction Manual

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Brighter skin!

Great difference after four weeks: skin more supple, brighter and definitely toned!

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great product for busy mums!

I have seen a real difference in my skin since using the Skin Perfector. This is simple and easy to use and are now apart of my daily routine as a working mum of 2 girls

CHOKBeauty Ionic Skin Perfector Review
Barry M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
You had me at "radiofrequency anti-ageing micro-currents" !!

I was sold when I read the words "radiofrequency anti-ageing micro-currents", oh and also "light therapy". Who wouldn't be intrigued to try out something like this for their skin?! I don't really understand the techy science bits but it sounds impressive so was very excited to try it out. The device itself is a good size, fitting perfectly in the palm of my hand. For anything like this I made sure to read the instructions carefully before using. They were very clear & also had some photo's alongside the instructions which isn't very necessary but still helpful. My first, very eagerly awaited, testing of the device was met with a little frustration. The device has a thermo infusion plate that you can place a cleansing pad onto and clamp down with a magnetic ring - the thermo frequency will amplify your cleansing regime. However I have recently started using washable cotton pads for makeup/toner and the magnetic ring would not fit around these. It seems it's made specifically for disposable cotton pads which is really disappointing. The pads I use are not too thick at all so I was really surprised to find out that it wouldn't clamp in place. So I wasn't able to proceed with that part. Next try was cleansing with the bristles by wetting my face and applying my cleanser over the bristles - you can choose the strength of vibration and then just work over your face in circular motions. After this my skin felt so clean and awake!! I definitely feel it gives a really deep clean which you are unable to achieve yourself. The next step - this is a full on facial routine using this device which I wouldn't do every day but it's so lovely to take time out a couple of time a week for some at home self care - so next step was to apply my serum and using the thermo plate you just glide it over your skin to about 2minutes for the serums/creams etc to fully absorb into your skin. My husband thinks these type of things are gimicky but I truly think this is making my clear brighter and definitely a deeper clean. It will take longer than a few weeks to see any difference in regards to fine lines etc but for now I am happy with the results. My skin is happy and fresh so what's not to love! My only gripe is the cotton pad issue so it's losing a star on the back of that!

Malena P.
United States United States
Amo mi Skin Perfector!

Mi Skin Perfector es lo maximo! Me tardo en llegar dos semanas, estaba super nerviosa de que nunca llegara pues no tienen oficina en Mexico. Pero siempre estuvieron al pendiente de mi cada vez que les mande un correo, super servicio al cliente. Mi producto esta hermoso, tiene una super presentacion y el funcionamiento, ni que decir... es buenisimo. Tiene el cepillito para lavar el rostro con las cerdas de silicon super suaves, pero lo mejor de todo es la tecnologia Ultra Infusion, hace que mis mascarillas se absorban como magia y deja mi piel extra tersa. Les recomiendo a todos que lo compren!

Sabba B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Very good product, super and very simple.

I first saw this product on a tv programme and was really intrigued – i have decided that now is the time to start taking extra care of my skin, by properly cleaning and thoroughly removing my make up – so i purchased this product, as i thought the price was reasonable so that if the product didn’t live up to my expectations, then it wasn’t a disaster, but i have to say, how amazing this product is, you can use it as a cleanser, or a massager, you can even put on a face mask and massage over the top of it to ensure the products are really cleaning your skin. My skin feels properly cleansed after using this with my product, and the little massage movement actually invigorates your skin, and people have noticed a difference in my skin since using this product – i would highly recommend it and encourage you to buy it – if you are looking at this product its because you want something to help with cleansing your face, well this is definitely the product for you so take it from me, i am usually pretty hard to please with beauty products and this is a winner. Very good product, super and very simple. This is one of the best item i have brought for my skin, it does what it says on the tin and more, highly recommended. Feels like a quality product. Hopefully the results will be good. Bought the chock beauty reusable make up remover pads too.

Vanne D.
United States United States
Lo amo!

Amo mi Skin Perfector, es una maravilla para lavar la cara. El cepillito es super suave, mucho mejor que mi Foreo. Lo mejor de todo son las otras funciones, amo la luz pulsada y las vibraciones son lo máximo! La súper compra del año!

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