March 22, 2022. London, United Kingdom.

      By Ellie-Mae Cooper


Hey, it’s time for episode two! 

Wow, where did the time go? It’s crazy to think coronavirus started a few years ago. Physically and emotionally, it has affected everyone. 

According to statistics, both adults and young people have severely struggled with the outbreak of what the pandemic left. Spent to much time on social media during quarantine? That’s for another episode. 

Loneliness. That was the key word all through the global pandemic, we wasn’t allowed out of the house, only to get groceries! But at-least we will be written down in the history books, aye!

So, what I used to help boost my mental health? I’m about to tell you my deepest secret! One word. Skincare.

You might be thinking, ‘If I don’t have the energy to do anything, what makes you think I’ll do skincare?’. Well, everything becomes much, much easier when you have skincare tools, and that’s what Chok Beauty is here for, to make you feel beautiful, effortlessly in your own skin. 

Chok Beauty we have tools such as our famous, hot seller- the Ionic Skin Perfector. This tool and my Ice Face Massagers were my absolute HOLY GRAILS during my quarantine experience. Don’t believe me? Try them for yourself! They’re amazing.

Thanks for taking interest in my blog, see you on the next episode.

Ellie x

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